Man ejected through sunroof, James Bond style, in crash

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A man was catapulted unharmed from a car crash, almost as if he had an ejector seat. Image: Looking Glass/Flickr/CC BY-SA

In a scene resembling a stunt from a James Bond movie, a man was ejected, seemingly unharmed, through his sunroof during a car crash in Dudley, Central England.

Man ejected through sunroof

A surveillance camera caught the whole thing on video. It shows the Peugeot 406 tumbling through a fence and into the back yard of a residence. The unidentified man flew out of the sunroof, rolled and was quickly back on his feet, seemingly unharmed; just like a famous British spy, leaving his Aston Martin at the end of an exciting chase.

Domestic dispute

Not so much excitement here, though. It seems the driver of the vehicle was also the passenger’s girlfriend. They were in a heated argument when she became distracted and lost control of the vehicle, according to WFMJ news.

The WFMJ report said:

“The passenger is seen flying through the broken sun roof as the car careens off the road and flips on its side. The man had reportedly been in the middle of a loud argument with the driver, his girlfriend, when the vehicle lost control and rolled onto a garden wall. He stood up, dusted himself off, and checked on his girlfriend.”

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Walking away from crash

Howard Hamilton, the 75-year-old owner of the property where the crash occurred, told the Express & Star:

“He was flying from the car like a rag doll. A woman got out of the car and they were hugging each other. It was like they couldn’t believe they were still alive.”

Whatever injuries were sustained, if any, were minor. The news broadcaster said that passenger and driver were both hospitalized, treated and released.

Speed camera

Apparently, the stretch of road is one particularly susceptible to speeders and accidents. According to Howard, there have been six crashes in the last ten years, though none as dramatic as the rollover accident on Sunday, July 8 at about 10:30 a.m.

Hamilton says he installed the surveillance camera as a way of nailing the speeders that frequently race past his home.

Tragic side note

Last month, in Rohnert Park, Calif., Donna McMorrow, 47, was killed in a similar accident. She rolled her 2010 Toyota Corolla and was ejected through the sunroof. The California Highway Patrol reported that she had not been wearing her seat belt correctly.

‘Surveillance video of rollover crash’!


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