USPS urges Florida drivers not to run into post offices

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chicken little

One Florida motorist may have been emulating chicken little when she ran into a post office in August. Image: wayne's eye view/Flickr/CC BY

Motorists in central Florida have crashed cars into post office s eight times since the beginning of the year. Officials at the United States Postal Service want them to stop. Please.

Eight crashes into post offices

All eight of the crashes are unrelated, by all accounts. Most occurred because the driver hit the accelerator when they meant to brake, or because the vehicle was in the wrong gear. However, one woman claimed her accident happened because she steered to get out of the way of something she saw falling from the sky.

Perhaps she has taken the “Chicken Little” story a bit too literally.

Florida news outlet WWSB7 listed the eight accidents:

1/3 —  Foot slipped off the brake and depressed the gas pedal.
2/8 —  Driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake.
2/12 — Driver forgot to brake and slammed into lobby.
3/5 —  Driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake.
6/14 — Driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake. Took out a lamp post before hitting the post office.
7/2 —  Driver thought car was in reverse. It was not.
8/2 —  Chicken Little lady veers to avoid falling object.
9/17 — Driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake.

Are Florida drivers targeting post offices?

Assuming there is a pattern — which defies all logic — why are all these drivers targeting post offices? It certainly can’t help them should they want to refinance a car.

Could it be that the USPS, drowning in debt and becoming increasingly obsolete in the digital age, seems like such an inconsequential target in the eyes of many?

The mobile retired

The always cynical Jalopnik suggested that part of the reason may be that more than 25 percent of the 15 million drivers in Florida are north of 60 years old.

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USPS issues safe driving tips

Whatever the reason for the bizarre spate of incidents, the USPS has issued a public service announcement to the motoring population of the Sunshine State, reminding them to drive with caution and to please, please not hit any more post offices.

According to Jalopnik, some of the tips offered in the USPS release were to pull into and back out of parking spaces slowly, and to visually make a note of which pedal is being depressed before proceeding. It also recommends making sure the car is in drive or reverse, as needed.


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