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ZR1 engine

The Corvette ZR1 could be truly yours after you help build the engine. Image from Flickr.

If you’re a true gearhead, the new GM Corvette program is perfect for you. If you’re buying a Corvette Z06 or ZR1, you can pay a little extra and build the engine yourself. The best part of this GM/Corvette program is, unlike building an engine on your own, you’re protected every step of the way.

The Corvette Z06 and ZR1

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and ZR1 are both high-performance vehicles built by U.S. company Chevrolet motors. With a base price of about $45,000, these vehicles are actually surprisingly affordable for sports cars. In the last few years, Chevrolet has encountered some problems with the Corvette brand, mostly a reduction in demand. The Z06 is a 7 liter engine, and the ZR1 is a 6.2 liter engine.

Build your own engine

Building engines has long been a do-it-yourself project for true car enthusiasts. Chevy has taken this obsession to a higher level, though. Spend an extra $5,800 on your Z06 or ZR1, and you can visit Michigan and help build the engine for your vehicle. Ponying up the extra cash will get you entry into the plant, the ability to help a craftsman hand-build your engine and even a plate with your name placed on the engine. From beginning to first rev, the trip to Michigan might just be worth it to some.

A legacy of hand-built engines

Unlike most performance vehicles on the market, Chevy Corvette engines are still hand-built in Michigan. This newest project is a way of helping rebuild the name of Chevy. With brands being cut left and right, reinforcing the Corvette brand as a luxury brand is important for Chevy to continue to be a viable brand.

Protecting your DIY engine

Unlike engines built in your garage, the DIY Corvette engine has protections. Your self-built Corvette engine is still covered by the standard Corvette five year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty. If you’re spending $50,000 or more on a vehicle, it makes sense to have at least some kind of warranty.

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