Coda and Great Wall Motors teaming up to produce cheap EV

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Coda sedan

Coda, the maker of an electric sedan only on sale in California, has inked a deal with Great Wall Motors to make a low-cost electric vehicle. Photo Credit: Mariordo/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

Only a few electric vehicles are available from major carmakers nationwide, but there are a number of boutique companies out there. One, Coda, is partnering with Great Wall Motors, a Chinese automaker, to mass-produce an electric car on the cheap.

California dreaming

There are a fair number of small companies building electric vehicles aside from the major car companies. One such company, Coda, builds an electric sedan that has the same capabilities as the Nissan Leaf or Ford Focus Electric and costs about the same.

The company’s website lists four dealerships where a Coda sedan can be purchased from, but apparently they want to take the next step.

Coda, according to USA Today, has just inked a deal with Great Wall Automotive, a Chinese car maker, to make a more cost-effective EV and start selling it worldwide.

Thinking globally

The deal between Great Wall and Coda, according to Businessweek, is for a joint-venture electric vehicle. The car will essentially be from Great Wall’s lineup, with the electric powertrain already present in the Coda sedan. Since components for Coda vehicles, according to USA Today, are manufactured in China, it will be a cinch.

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It will be the first “green” vehicle for Great Wall Motors. According to MarketWatch, Great Wall is a budding manufacturer of pickups, SUVS and sedans, currently producing close to 500,000 vehicles per year.

The goal, according to Businessweek, is to produce an electric sedan that will be competitively priced with normal sedans, which most electric vehicles are not. The vehicle is slated to enter production in 2014 and will go on sale first in China, and then in Europe and North America.

Might be very good

The current Coda starts at $38,145, before the $7,500 federal tax credit and any applicable state tax credits. The car has a 31 kilowatt-hour battery pack, powering a 134 horsepower electric motor. Coda estimates its range at 125 miles, though the EPA rates it at 88 miles, according to Businessweek, 15 more than the Leaf and 12 more than the Focus Electric.

Assuming that the future car has the same capabilities of the current Coda sedan, but has a sticker price close to $20,000 like a normal car, it could entice a lot of people to go electric.


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