Chrysler fires 13 scandal-causing workers

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The 13 fired Chrysler workers would have been better off with coffee. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

A scandal was caused recently by a whistle blower report concerning workers from a Chrysler plant. A number of workers were caught drinking and using illegal drugs during their lunch break. The news was broken by a news station in Detroit that was tipped off. After the men were caught, a scandal began to brew, which Chrysler swore to resolve. The parties in question were initially placed on suspension. Chrysler has fired 13 of the participants and placed two more on suspension.

Guzzling more than gas

A tip was received by Detroit Fox affiliate WJBK 2 regarding the workers from the Jefferson North Chrysler plant, according to USA Today. The plant in question assembles the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The station was tipped off that workers from the plant would go to a local park to drink beer and smoke what appeared to be marijuana. The news crew filmed them repeating the ritual for five consecutive days, until finally the anchor on location asked them about what they were doing. At that point, the men fled back to the plant. To make matters worse, the investigative report comes days after a visit and stump speech by President Obama.

Thirteen canned in this case

Chrysler initially placed 15 workers on suspension. The rules of the United Auto Workers require workers be suspended and investigated before they can be discharged. There were 13 people fired, and two more placed on suspension, according to Automotive News. Chrysler also stated that quality control of builds is automated, and couldn’t be compromised. The UAW also issued a statement that the behavior of the terminated workers is not indicative of the quality of other UAW employees.

No drinking on the job

The era of the “three martini lunch” is over. Working with industrial equipment requires safety be paramount. Drinking and taking other illegal intoxicants is certainly contrary to safe practices.


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  1. Karl Hansen on

    If you look at the bigger picture its a direct reflection of the state the US is in at moment. I mean these workers may well be under a lot of stress with morgages and so forth. This is a bad result as they obviously need help but now all they will be doing on the unemployment line is turning to crime to feed their addictions. (Just what the US needs more crime)
    The media need take a long look at itself, praying on the weak when they are at their most vunrable just to make a news headline!
    The root cause of these workers actions needs to be determined so that programs can be put in place to combat this sort of behavior in the workplace.
    At the end of the day this would not be the only place of work that employees are doing the wrong thing, I would love to see cameras follow the secret life of the reporter around for a week! I bet you would find a lot worse than D&A abuse in the lunch break!