Chrysler reopens Conner assembly plant in Detroit for new SRT Viper

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A 2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10 coupe, blue with white stripes.

Pictured is a 2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Pat Durkin/Wikipedia)

Automotive News reports that Chrysler Group will be reopening some doors in the Motor City. The automaker’s Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit, Mich., will start production again in order to accommodate the next-generation SRT Viper supercar.

Conner plant will provide nearly 150 jobs

Nearly 150 hourly and salaried jobs will be created in Detroit by Chrysler’s move, according to reports. Current Chrysler hourly employees who worked at the Conner plant will fill the first batch of jobs, while the remainder of positions will be filled by hourly employees who volunteer to transfer to the plant.

When production of the Dodge Viper ended in July of 2010, the Conner plant shut down. Production of the Dodge Viper began in 1992 at Detroit’s New Mack Assembly Plant, then moved to Conner Avenue in 1995. The vehicles are hand-built at low volume, via a modular process. According to Chrysler, Conner plant employees produced an average of 12 Dodge Vipers per day over the last 15 years of initial production. Total production was 22,070.

Continuing an American tradition

Dodge will no longer have a stake in the Viper name, notes Jalopnik. Chrysler Group’s Street Racing Team will take the 10-cylinder supercar, which was previously called the Dodge Viper SRT 10, and change the name to the 2013 SRT Viper.

SRT brand CEO Ralph Gilles told Automotive News that Chrysler is proud to continue an American tradition.

“The next generation Viper will make its return to the product lineup in late 2012 as a 2013 model,” he said. “We’re extremely excited that our ultimate American sports car will continue to live on and be produced exclusively here in the Motor City.”

What to expect from the 2013 SRT Viper

While alleged spy footage has been leaked of the 2013 SRT Viper in action, Chrysler has yet to officially show what the next-generation Viper will look like. One unnamed source quoted by Drive On noted that the new Viper bore some resemblance to the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

Spy footage of the 2013 SRT Viper


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