Chrysler rides 300 to glory in The Dark Knight Rises commercial spot

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Batmobile from Batman Begins as displayed in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on June 14, 2005.

Batman's other car when he isn't driving the Chrysler 300. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Alexander Horn/Wikipedia)

On July 20, the final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, “The Dark Knight Rises,” will hit theaters. But the marketing machine has been moving at full speed for a while. Witness Chrysler’s “Imported from Gotham City” ad campaign, promoting the presence of the Chrysler 300 in the upcoming film. The car in the Chrysler commercial, which carries the license plate DK-300S, looks very much in its element amidst the dark corners of Gotham City, notes the Detroit Free Press.

Rocketing to success

Chrysler spokesman Olivier Francois extolled the virtues of Batman’s Chrysler on the automaker’s corporate blog.

“The TV spot was designed and shot to look and feel as if it could live inside Gotham City itself,” wrote Francois. “As the spot unfolds, an elite team of mechanics and machinists transform the vehicle with a matte black exterior, stealth body panels, advanced weapon systems and a jet engine.”

In the actual movie, however, Batman does not drive a Chrysler 300. Instead, a government official powers the technologically advanced full-sized sedan, noted Francois.

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Inspired by Eminem

Chrysler’s “The Dark Knight Rises” spot, which comes in both the standard 30-second length and an expanded 60-second version, is a play off the “Imported from Detroit” ad spot that aired during the last Super Bowl. In that commercial, rap star Eminem drives a Chrysler 200 through Detroit, which in some ways was an inspiration for the dark grittiness that is the fictional Gotham City of the Batman universe. The Chrysler 300 commercial also continues the automaker’s alliance with Hollywood, notes Forbes. Previously, the “Fast and the Furious” film franchise has featured Dodge Chargers, and ubiquitous western actor Sam Elliot has lent his voice to Ram commercials.

“You will see us sponsoring more and more red carpet events,” said Chrysler spokeswoman Dianna Gutierrez. “But there always has to be a tie back to the brand.”

Fan-made contest draws bat-fans

In addition to the Chrysler 300 commercial spot, Chrysler is teaming up with Batman parent company Warner Bros. to run a contest. In this contest, fans will have the opportunity to create a Batman-themed Chrysler commercial of their own. Footage of the 300 will be available for contest participants to edit together in creative new ways, as well as Batman-related film footage and music. Submission deadline for the contest is fast-approaching, on Saturday, June 30. The winning entry will reportedly be selected by “The Dark Knight Rises” director himself, Christopher Nolan. Nolan will produce a final version of the fan commercial to premiere at movie’s New York City debut on July 16.

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