Chevy trucks going for big discounts due to overproduction

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Anyone looking to get a deal on Chevy trucks, now would be the time, as GM is trying to get rid of excess inventory. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Usually, when a mistake happens at an automaker’s factory, it means that a person’s car is liable to explode into flames. However, sometimes it’s to the customer’s benefit, as GMC and Chevy trucks are going to be offered at steep discounts as General Motors has made too many of them.

Chevy trucks fall prey to effect of scarcity

All products and services are affected by “scarcity.” Everyone knows what the word “scarce” means, but in economics, the relative scarcity of a thing determines its value; the more scarce something is, the more it costs. The less scarce, the less it costs. It’s part of how supply and demand works.

Likewise, GMC and Chevy trucks are going for cheap, at least for the time being as General Motors, according to USA Today, made too many of the things. Some people would put this down to vehicle allocation, in that dealerships are trying to sell a bunch of 2012 models to get more inventory next year, but it applies to 2013 models as well.

Truck discounts the “in” thing this season

The issue is that GM went on a bit of a tear at three of its factories that produce the trucks, with the idea being to produce a lot of them to keep a steady available supply while the factories are re-tooled to produce the 2014 model year, which will involve a significant redesign. However, they misjudged how many people were going to buy them, leading to an oversupply.

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As a result, Chevy trucks and GMC trucks are being sold for a discount but so are, according to AutoGuide, Ford, Ram and Toyota trucks. Americans buy more trucks than any other people on earth, so naturally automakers want to compete for the business. Therefore, incentives are being offered for Ford F-Series trucks, 2012 Ram models and Toyota Tundra models.

The Tundra, in and of itself, recently got a bit of publicity thanks to NASA, as a stock Tundra is being fitted with a special towing harness to tow the Space Shuttle Endeavour for the last leg of its journey to the California Science Center, according to AutoBlog. The Tundra will go on display with the shuttle at final resting place of the Endeavour.

Cash back, good value for trade-in

General Motors, according to USA Today, is reported to have told dealers to offer up to $3,500 cash back on any purchase of a 2012 or 2013 Chevy truck or GMC truck, so anyone in the market for a new Silverado or Sierra should probably get going. They are also offering $4,500 for a trade in. The deal should last through the end of October.

However, for those who aren’t tickled with offerings from GM, according to AutoGuide, Ford, Ram and Toyota are also offering incentives, though the terms will differ by area. Ford, according to its website, is offering up to $1,000 “Trade Assist” or up to $6,000 cash back. Chrysler, or rather Ram, is offering $3,000 cash back and for those that would rather visit Birmingham, Ala., Des Moines, Iowa or Bellevue, Wa., Toyota dealers, Toyota is offering between $1,000 and $3,000 cash back on new Tundra trucks.


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