New performance sedan might be called Chevrolet SS Performance

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Holden Commodore

The rumored Chevrolet performance sedan, based on the Holdon Commodore, might be called the SS Performance. Photo credit: Sicnag/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY

Chevrolet is known to be working on a new performance sedan, as the car maker currently lacks a model with muscle and four doors. However, a slip by OnStar has revealed the name of the car might be the Chevrolet SS Performance.

Old badge returns

At the height of the muscle car era, performance models of Chevrolet automobiles were dubbed “SS” models, or Super Sport. The cars that wore the badge were highly desirable at the time and have since become highly collectible as some are considered automotive legends. Chevrolet still offers Super Sport variants, such as the current Camaro SS.

It is also rumored that “SS” is the name that Chevrolet is giving its new performance sedan. According to MotorTrend magazine, blogger Christopher Price logged onto the OnStar website to check the next scheduled service for his Pontiac G6. Just for giggles, he looked to see if his model of car was compatible with the OnStar Remote Link app for smartphones.

What he discovered were at least two models for the 2014 model year, one of which was the Chevrolet SS Performance. The other was the Cadillac ELR.

Not likely an Impala

Renderings have been released, according to Automobile magazine, of a new Impala SS, the performance variant of the Impala sedan. A new Impala is about to be released, so a new Impala SS may seem the thing to do. However, the SS that OnStar has in mind is likely something else entirely.

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It is known, according to AutoBlog, that Chevrolet is replacing the Impala as the official NASCAR stock car platform and replacing it with a Chevy model that isn’t currently offered. The speculation is that the new car is going to be a civilian version of the Caprice PPV, the bespoke police car offered by GM exclusively to law enforcement agencies. It also known, according to AutomotiveNews, that Chevrolet recently trademarked the “SS” name.

The Caprice, just like the Pontiac G8 was, is a re-badged Holden Commodore, a rear-wheel drive sport sedan made by GM’s Australian brand, Holden Motors. The Caprice comes with either a 3.6-liter V-6 or a 355 horsepower 6.0-liter V-8, according to MotorTrend.

Does fill a gap

The ELR had already been confirmed for production, though the timing hadn’t been confirmed. The ELR will be a 2-plus-2 coupe plug-in hybrid. However, Chevrolet has been mum about the name or origin of a new performance sedan.

If nothing else, it would fill a gap that currently exists in Chevy’s lineup. The sporty cars Chevy currently sells, the Camaro and the Corvette, are both coupes. Ford and Dodge both sell performance sedans, the Ford Taurus SHO and the Dodge Charger.







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