Goodbye to cars that ended production in 2011

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Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger was one of many cars that ceased production in 2011. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

It is almost the end of another year, as New Year’s Day and the start of 2012 is drawing closer. Here is a list of cars that we said goodbye to this year.

Nitro that was not a gas

According to USA today, two Dodge crossover SUVs that date to Chrysler’s tenure as a division of Daimler are officially no more. The last Dodge Nitro and Caliber have rolled off the assembly line. The cars weren’t Edsel-esque failures, but didn’t exactly leave dealerships in droves. The Nitro isn’t getting an immediate replacement, but the Caliber is being replaced by the upcoming Dodge Dart.

No more home in the Ranger

The Ford Ranger line has also come to an end, according to the Wall Street Journal, after a long presence in the American market as a solid choice for a small pickup. Ford isn’t bringing the international version here, though the WSJ speculates it might after Chevrolet decided to start selling the international version of the Colorado in the future.

Mazda takes sports car out of rotation

The Mazda RX-8 was another casualty of this year, according to AutoBlog. The only car available with a rotary engine in the U.S., the RX-8 wasn’t a strong enough seller to be able to keep it, and Mazda announced this summer that it had stopped production of the car. A rotary engine sports car has been a mainstay of Mazda for some time, but the company is believed to be hard at work at the next generation.

Brands that died

Saab and Maybach, both European automakers with long histories, are both dead in the water. The financial difficulties of Saab were too great for the company to surmount, and the company is headed for liquidation, according to the New York Times. Maybach, however, was killed by Mercedes as very few people bought the luxury cars that were the size of the Titanic and cost about as much, according to Time. The brand, which was brought back to life nine years ago, has sold only 3,000 units since then. Mercury, according to MotorTrend, also was wound down when Ford announced its demise in January.

Other goodbyes

According to CNN, Tesla stopped taking orders for its much-vaunted Roadster this year because it is concentrating on the Tesla S sedan until it unleashes a new Roadster, which will not be based on the Lotus Elise.

According to MotorTrend, some other exits were Chevrolet’s Aveo and the HHR, the Ford Crown Victoria, the Cadillac STS and DTS sedans, the Buick Lucerne, the Honda Element, the Mazda Tribute, and the Mitsubishi Eclipse and Endeavor.

According to AutoBlog, BMW bid “auf wiedersehen” to the X6 hybrid, Nissan dumped the Altima hybrid, Dodge dodged a redesign of the Dakota, and parting was such Swede sorrow as Volvo dropped the S40 and V50.


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