Car ads during Super Bowl expand to BMW and Clint Eastwood

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BMW, Subaru and Chrysler have also come up with car ads for the Super Bowl game between the Giants and Patriots. Photo Credit: AJ Guel/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY

Car makers are going on a serious glut with ads that will air during the Super Bowl. Recently released car ads include new spots from BMW, Subaru and news that Chrysler is feeling so lucky that they’ve hired Clint Eastwood to star in a new spot.

Ultimate Driving Machine

For decades, BMW has comported itself as the “Ultimate Driving Machine.” Whether that is true remains up to interpretation, but the slogan is being used as the mantra for BMW’s new commercials that will air, according to AutoBlog, during the Super Bowl.

In between the Patriots battling the Giants for NFL supremacy, a series of brief BMW ads will play, showing off the features of the new 3 series. The latest generation of the brand’s best-selling vehicle has some new gadgets that will feature in the spots, such as keyless entry and a heated steering wheel. One spot shows off a feature where the car’s BMW Connected Drive user entertainment system will “read” emails. There are five commercials, but only two will air during the Super Bowl; one on the East Coast, one on the West Coast.

Subaru has gone to the dogs

Volkswagen may have already unleashed its “Bark Side” teaser and Subaru has also unleashed a dog-themed slew of commercials, according to The Car Connection. It’s part of the “Dog Tested, Dog Approved” campaign by Subaru, which has been around for several years. Surveys of owners have revealed an overwhelming majority of Subaru owners have pets. The spots show dogs driving Subaru cars in various situations, such as a ski-trip and day out to the beach.

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Subaru is also unleashing a bit of a social media campaign to encourage drivers to do more with their prized pooch. Subaru’s Facebook page has the Game Day Walk Pledge, where fans can promise to talk the dog on a walk on Super Bowl Sunday. The company is also sponsoring the “Dogbook” Facebook app and has also released a smartphone app called MapMyDogWalk. Users download the app, which tracks the path, distance and speed of a person’s dog walks as well as calories burned.

Chrysler is feeling lucky

According to the Detroit Free Press, Chrysler has reportedly hired venerated actor Clint Eastwood to appear in a Chrysler commercial that will air during the Super Bowl.

Last year, Chrysler started its “Imported from Detroit” ad campaign with a two-minute spot featuring Eminem, but this year they are reportedly going to have Clint Eastwood give the nation a “pep talk.” The new spot will reportedly be another two-minute spot, which is incredibly costly given that it costs millions to get a thirty-second spot during the game. However, it paid dividends for Chrysler last year, as the Chrysler 200 sold very well.




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