Cadillac XTS buyers get an iPad to go with the car

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Anyone thinking of buying the Cadillac XTS sedan is in luck; Caddy is giving buyers an iPad on the house. Photo Credit: Matthew Downey/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA

Anyone who buys a Cadillac XTS is parting with a boatload of cash or going into heavy debt to drive it home. To sweeten the deal, or to harness the power of the technology built into the car, Caddy is throwing in a free iPad with the car.

Room with a CUE

Cadillac is debuting the Cadillac User Experience technology suite, also referred to as CUE, this year in a number of cars. CUE is a touchscreen-controlled “infotainment” system, like similar systems such as MyFord Touch. According to AutoWeek, Cadillac has mandated all dealerships have two staff members trained as CUE specialists.

The CUE system, according to Wired, is also distinct in that it incorporates some functions normally seen in smartphones and tablets, such as being able to “swipe” with one’s fingers, while using the 8-inch touchscreen interface. In other words, it’s like an iPad in the dash. However, to get owners up to speed on the system and to sweeten the deal, Cadillac, according to AutoGuide, is throwing in an actual iPad with the purchase of the XTS.

The iTraining wheels

Caddy is tossing in the iPad both as an incentive to get people to spend $45,000 and also as an instructional aid to help people get the most out of the CUE system. The iPad will come with the MyCadillac and OnStar RemoteLink apps pre-installed, which will keep owners updated on the service schedule for their XTS.

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Included, according to AutoBlog, are tutorials on how CUE works, how best to use it and so forth. Aside from the tutorial programs, there are also 14 “how-to” videos loaded on the tablet, according to AutoWeek. Cadillac is also putting together a call center to field questions from customers and provide web-based support.

SRX and ATS buyers out of luck

Cadillac isn’t the first to throw in an iPad with the purchase of a car. Hyundai, according to AutoGuide, gave free iPads to people who bought the Equus when Hyundai’s luxury cruiser was first launched.

The iPad is only being given away with the XTS; anyone who plans to buy the ATS or other model with the CUE system will just have to buy an iPad separately. CUE, according to Inside Line, is offered on all trims of the XTS and is an optional extra for other cars. However, all of Cadillac’s vehicles will eventually have it standard or as an option.






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