Aston Martin DB10 the Latest of the Bond Cars

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There's a new Aston Martin to join the pantheon of Bond cars. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

There’s a new Aston Martin to join the pantheon of Bond cars. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

A new car has been announced by Aston Martin – the DB10 – for the new James Bond film, “Spectre,” though Aston says it won’t go on sale. It joins an automotive pantheon of sorts, as the list of vehicles Bond drives is illustrious.

You can buy other Bond cars

The newest of the Bond cars, the DB10, according to The Telegraph, is unique among other vehicles that have been driven by the celluloid hero, as it is – furtively – not going to be made available to buy. Aston Martin is only making ten examples and some are likely to get destroyed during filming.

It’s sort of a shame. Not that many people can afford an Aston anyway, but the DB10 – which for the moment is slated to only be made for the film – is a quasi-successor to the V8 Vantage and DB9, as the roadster coupe gets a V-8 in lieu of Aston’s V-12.

Perhaps the one bright spot is that the car is a showcase for Aston’s new design language, so elements of it may grace the next generation DB9 and V8 Vantage.

Where’s my Bentley?

Though other makes have been Bond cars, none are as strongly associated with Bond as Aston Martins, though the association was largely rekindled in the more recent Bond films. The last Pierce Brosnan Bond, “Die Another Day,” featured an Aston Vanquish with active camouflage (dubbed the “Vanish”), and Daniel Craig drove a DBS V12 in two of his three films in the role.

Aside from that, George Lazenby drove a 1960s DBS in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” and Timothy Dalton drove a V8 Vantage in his late 1980s stint as Bond in “The Living Daylights.”

The most famous of them all, of course, is the DB5, which Sean Connery drove in “Goldfinger.” Bond mostly drives Bentleys in the novels, but the filmmakers decided to switch to the DB5 during pre-production. Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig both later drove a DB5 during their tenure, Craig twice thus far. The DB5 in “Skyfall,” of course, had modifications straight from “Goldfinger,” including machine guns and an ejector seat.

Not the only ones

Though Astons have long been thought of as the Bond cars, a number of different makes have had Bond at the wheel. Roger Moore, who had previously been known for tooling around in a Volvo P1800 when he was in British TV series “The Saint,” drove a Lotus Espirit, one of which turns into a submarine in “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

The first car Bond drives solo, in “Dr. No,” was an Alpine Sunbeam, a mostly-forgotten British roadster. However, the Sunbeam Tiger variant (Caroll Shelby replaced the base four-cylinder with a Ford 289) is very popular among collectors.

During the Brosnan years, Bond was often seen driving BMWs, including a Z3 roadster in “Goldeneye,” a Z8 roadster in “The World is Not Enough,” and a heavily modified 7 series (with remote control) in “Tomorrow Never Dies.”

Other famous cars from the Bond films include the AMC Matador that doubles as a roadable aircraft in “The Man With The Golden Gun,” and the only two extant Toyota 2000GT convertibles. Sean Connery was the sole reason for those cars’ existence; according to Automobile magazine, Toyota had to cut off the roof for him to fit in the car. Others exist, but none were convertibles when they left the factory.

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