BMW X1 wants you to Like its effort to restore the outdoors

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Discovery Park

Seattle's Discovery Park is the first stop for the BMW X1 Restore the Outdoors program. Image: bochalla/Flickr/CC BY-SA

The maker of the BMW X1 is giving motorist who love the outdoors a chance to assist in protecting and preserving some great outdoor areas that need a helping hand. And it s not asking them to give a cent.

BMW X1 Restore the Outdoors

BMW of North America, the domestic arm of the Bavarian automaker, launched its “X1 Restore the Outdoors” program Thursday, August 23 in Seattle Washington. The program, a virtual road trip of U.S. outdoor locations, will end in New York City, New York on September 10.

During that two-week plus period, the X1 will traverse the United States, stopping at 12 per-determined locations. The drivers will take an Instagram picture at each of the parks, forests, beaches and other outdoor areas on its itinerary, and post them on the Facebook page.

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A buck a ‘Like’

For each picture “Liked,” the company will pay $1 for the restoration and preservation of the photographed area, up to $10,000 for each spot.

Of course the effort is as much about promoting the BMW X1 as it is about wilderness protection and ecology. But with so little effort and no expense on the line, it seems like an obvious win-win for everyone concerned — and most importantly for the selected outdoors area.

Trudy Hardy, Manager, BMW Marketing Communications and Consumer Events, said:

“So many people want to give back to our local communities and help protect and restore our natural habitat, but either don’t have the time or don’t know how best to contribute. With the X1 Restore the Outdoors program and the help of our fans, we can give back to some of the places we love, with a simple ‘Like’.”

The 12 locations

The first stop, at the event’s launch, was Discovery Park in Seattle. The next stop is Forest park, in Portland, Ore. on August 24. Then on to the Redwood National in Forest San Francisco, Calif. on August 26. The fourth stop is scheduled for Topanga State Park in Los Angeles, Calif. on the 28th. The next stop, on August 29, is at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, Nev. And the halfway mark, on August 31, is at the Indiana Dunes, near Chicago, Ill.

Into a new month and the second half of the journey, the X1 will take a big detour south to White Rock Lake State Park in Dallas, TX on September 2. Then, picking up momentum, BMW hits Houston, Tx., at the Sam Houston National Forest, on September 3. The Oleta River State Park in Miami, Fla. is next, on September 5. Sweetwater Creek State Park in Atlanta, Ga. follows on September 7. Then River Bend Park in Washington, D.C. on September 9. And finally the road trip ends at Tompkins Square Park New York, N.Y. on September 10.

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