BMW recall info: What owners should know

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Close-up photograph of the BMW logo on the front of a BMW vehicle.

The BMW recall will affect 345,000 BMW and 5,800 Rolls-Royce vehicles worldwide. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Owen Byrne/Flickr)

Current media reports indicate that Bayerisch Motoren Werke AG – better known as BMW – is recalling more than 350,000 BMW and Rolls-Royce-brand luxury vehicles because of a power brake problem. The BMW recall will affect approximately 345,000 8- and 12-cylinder engine BMW 5-, 6- and 7-Series models, as well as 5,800 Rolls-Royce cars worldwide built between 2002 and 2010. The BMW 5-Series sedan will not be part of the BMW recall, according to company spokesman Frank Strebe.

A power brake system fault is the culprit in the BMW recall

According to Bloomberg, some BMW and Rolls-Royce drivers with higher-mileage cars discovered that they have to push harder on the brake pedal than normal in order to come to a stop. This occurs because of a loss of vacuum pressure in the brake pump, which is caused by leakage in the power brake assist module.

While no accidents or injuries have been connected to the power brake problem yet, BMW is encouraging customers to take proactive steps to remedy the issue. Owners will also be notified of the BMW recall via first-class mail in the next few weeks. Ultimately, owners can bring their vehicles back to the dealership for free repairs – which Strebe estimates will take anywhere from two hours to at most half a day. Further information for North American BMW customers is available via BMW Customer Relations at 800-525-7417 and

BMW takes a big hit

While BMW recall repairs will be free to customers, it is unknown at this time how much power brake system default repairs will cost BMW. Bloomberg does note that BMW’s stock has fallen 3.3 percent, the largest mid-day drop since Aug.12.

Models included in the BMW/Rolls-Royce Recall

  • 2002-08 BMW 745i/Li, 750i/Li, and 760i/Li
  • 2007-08 BMW Alpina B7
  • 2004-10 BMW 645i and 650i
  • 2004-10 BMW 545i and 550i
  • 2003-2010 Rolls-Royce Phantom models

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