BMW announces recall over potential fire hazard

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BMW has announced a recall over a fire hazard in some 5 series, 7 series, X6 and X5 (pictured) models. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

BMW has announced a recall of more than 32,000 cars in North America for an issue that could pose a fire hazard. The problem is with a component that can smolder; it’s found in models┬ámade between 2008 and 2011 equipped with turbocharged 8- and 12-cylinder engines

Water pump circuit boards going kaput

BMW, according to the New York Times, has announced a recall of several different vehicle classes manufactured between 2008 and 2011. The recall is confined to BMW performance models with the larger and more powerful engines, so drivers of 1, 3 and Z series BMWs are not affected.

The defect concerns an auxiliary water pump, which is part of the turbocharger system on BMWs equipped with turbocharged 8- and 12-cylinder engines. The auxiliary water pump in question cools the turbocharger on the affected vehicles.

The defect is in the circuit board of the auxiliary water pump. During operation, the pump’s circuit board can overheat. This can cause, according to, the pump to fail in some cases, causing overheating. In extreme cases, the board can smolder, and possibly lead to a fire.

More than 32,000 cars affected

There are 32,084 affected cars in the recall. The affected models are any 5 series, 5 series Gran Turismo edition, X5, X6 and 7 series models manufactured between 2008 and 2011 with turbocharged 8- or 12-cylinder engines. According to MotorTrend, 2,606 5 series, 1,787 Gran Turismo 5 series, 4,309 X5, 5,187 X6 and 18,195 7 series cars are involved in the recall.

BMW says the recall is merely precautionary and that no known accidents or injuries were caused by the defect, according to the New York Times. There have been two engine compartment fires reported out of 102 documented instances of auxiliary water pump circuit board failures.

Owners will be notified

BMW notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Oct. 20 of the defect. BMW is mailing letters to owners, who should be notified of the defect sometime in early November.

BMW will be instructing owners to take their vehicles to the nearest BMW dealership, where the defective pump board will be replaced at no cost. In the meantime, BMW owners who have any questions are urged to contact BMW or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

BMW’s hotline for the recall is 800-525-7417. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recall hotline is 888-327-4236. The reference number for the BMW recall is #11V521000.


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