BMW ActiveE and Chevrolet Captiva recalled

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BMW ActiveE

BMW's ActiveE is one of the first electric cars to suffer a recall campaign. Image: saebaryo/Flickr/CC BY-ND

Automakers BMW and Chevrolet have both announced recalls this week. The models affected are the ActiveE EV and the Captiva Sport crossover, respectively. BMW’s recall of the ActiveE is one of the first ever issued for an electric vehicle.

BMW ActiveE recall

BMW is recalling 162 of its 1-Series based ActiveE electric car. Some 2012 BMW Z4s are affected, as well. The automaker cites “variations in electrical current” that could lead to a sudden loss of the power assistance within the steering system. If that were to happen, motorists could find it difficult  to steer, which could precipitate a crash.

The automaker says that affected owners will be notified within days. Those owners will then be asked to take their vehicle to a certified dealership to be inspected and, if necessary, to have the steering assistance module repaired or replaced at no cost to the owner.

Some BMW Z4 sports cars affected

Some 2012 BMW Z4 sports cars also share the ActiveE’s electric power steering system, and so may also be included in the recall.

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Those who think they may be affected can reach the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 1-888-327-4236 and reference recall campaign number 12V302000. Or, the automaker can be reached at 1-800-525-7417.

BMW’s continued troubles

BMW has had trouble of late. In February, BMW was charged $3 million for failing to issue a recall within the five day window the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires. In May, 24,340 of BMW’s 2009 to 2011 X5, X6 and 3 series diesel vehicles were recalled for problems with the emissions system. In June, some 2012 diesel X5 SUVs were recalled over problems with a belt tensioner.

Chevrolet Captiva recall

Meanwhile, Chevrolet is recalling 2,070 of its 2012 Chevrolet Captiva Sport crossovers for potential problems with the parking brake cable. The cable may not be seated improperly in its connector, which could cause it to separate from the vehicle. That problem then could contribute to rollover crashes.

The affected cars were all assembled between April 26 and May 17 of this year.

The automaker says it will notify all affected owners by July 18.

Inspection and a fix

You know the normal drill. Affected owners can then take their vehicles to a dealer for an inspection and possible repairs, if needed, free of charge.

GM, Chevrolet’s parent company, can be reached at 1-866-694-6546. Reference campaign number 12127 when inquiring about the Captiva recall.


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