BMW 760Li V12 edition created to celebrate BMW 12 cylinder motor

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BMW has crafted a commemorative edition of the 7 series, the BMW 760Li V-12, to celebrate 25 years of making a V-12 engine. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Most car companies are producing fewer V-8 engines and indeed, fewer V-6 engines. BMW, however, is not entirely on the bandwagon and is instead producing the BMW 760Li V12, a special edition commemorating and celebrating the BMW V-12.

BMW 760Li V-12 tops already fantastically pricey range

When most car makers make a commemorative edition of a car, it’s usually to celebrate a certain number of years the model has been in production. Sometimes it’s also to give a model a send-off because the maker is pulling the plug.

BMW, on the other hand, is making a commemorative edition to celebrate 25 years of making a V-12 engine, according to AutoGuide. It seems a pretty odd; the number of cars that are actually made with 12-cylinder engines has been in rapid decline for a long time and it won’t be too long before it’s basically down to just Ferrari. BMW first made one for the 1987, when the 750iL got one, though that was far from the first V-12.

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The car is the BMW 760Li V12, a special edition of the only BMW with a V-12, the 760Li, or the long wheel-base top-of-the-line model of the 7 series, BMW’s full-size flagship. The base model of the 760Li is already fantastically expensive; the 760Li V12 is more so.

Awful lot for a couple chrome panels

Basically, the differences between the BMW 760Li V-12 and the normal car is that the special edition has some different badges, a few different bits in the interior and a much different price tag. The 760Li V12 costs $159,695. The standard one, according to BMW’s USA site, is $140,200, so the automobile financing is going to be pretty substantial.

It’s the same engine, a 6.0-liter twin-turbo V-12, producing 535 horsepower. A leaden-foot executive or oil sheik can get themselves to 60 miles per hour from rest in a scant 4.5 seconds. Or their driver can while they sit in the back; the long-wheelbase versions are popular cars for people that have a chauffeur on-staff. The transmission isn’t different either.

15 people can pay a lot more for a few chrome bits and some stitching

Aside from that, according to AutoBlog, one difference is a unique black piping on the champagne color Merino leather. The car also comes with scads of “V-12 25 Years Edition” badges on the exterior and interior of the car.

The BMW 760Li V12 edition is a very exclusive car, with a very exclusive price and the number of them that will be made is likewise exclusive. Those with pockets deep enough to be willing to fork over $20,000 for a few chrome plates saying “V-12” on them will have to get moving; BMW is only making a few and North America is only slated to get 15 of them. They have to be ordered directly from a dealership and will be delivered next year.





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