Toyota Corolla crowned best selling car of all time

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The Toyota Corolla is now the best-selling car of all time. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Despite having a turbulent time of things in the past year, Toyota has reason to smile. The Toyota Corolla, the company’s mid-size sedan, has finally swatted the Ford F-150 aside as the best selling car of all time.

Hail to the chief

The best selling cars of all time are rarely the most exciting. Instead, the best-selling cars are often simple, plain vehicles that shuttle occupants from one point to the other in relative comfort. Another quality that the world’s best-selling vehicles have in common is a relatively affordable price, which is pretty important when delivering motorized transportation to the masses.

According to MSNBC, a new king of the best-sellers has been crowned. The best selling car of all time is now the Toyota Corolla, the mid-size sedan the company has been selling for more than 45 years.

New Corolla sold every 40 seconds

Toyota has sold more than 37.5 million Corollas since the car was introduced in 1966, and it is now manufactured in 14 countries, according to the Daily Mail, amounting to a Corolla being sold every 40 seconds. Americans have to buy imported models, as Toyota stopped making the car in the United States in 2010.

[Plenty of new Corolla models at Sandy Springs Toyota in Atlanta, Ga.]

When it was introduced, it was an affordable four-door with an economical four-cylinder engine. The modern Corolla, at $16,130 and still available with a four-cylinder, is the same today.

The second best-selling vehicle in the world is the Ford F-Series pickup truck, which has sold 35 million cars since it was introduced in 1948, making it the longest continually produced vehicle among the best sellers.

Third, fourth and ninth place among the top 10 best-selling cars of all time belong to Volkswagen, with the Golf, Beetle and Passat, respectively. The Beetle was introduced before the F Series but was out of production for several years before Volkswagen introduced the most recent generation.

Ford has it beat on per capita basis

Ford has two more entrants among the top 10 best sellers of all time besides the F Series, including the Escort and the car that started it all, the Model T. The Escort sold 20 million units between 1968 and 2000.

The Model T sold 16.5 million units from 1908 to 1927. However, the world population in 1927, according to the BBC, was 2 billion people. Today, it is 7 billion, meaning that with 37.5 million Corollas, 5.36 percent of the world owns a Corolla. With 16.5 million Model Ts being sold by 1927, 8.25 percent of the world’s population in 1927 owned a Model T.



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