Audi Q5 sunroof recall announced for breaking glass

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Audi Q5

Volkswagen has announced an Audi Q5 recall for shattering sunroofs. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Audi has announced a recall for the 2012 model Q5 SUV for an issue with the sunroof on models that include a sunroof. The Audi Q5 sunroof recall is due to the possibility of the sunroof shattering in very cold temperatures.

VW announces Audi Q5 recall

Volkswagen, according to Inside Line, has informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it has voluntarily begun a recall for late model Audi Q5 crossover SUVs for an issue with the sunroof. No accidents or injuries are reported to have occurred as a result of the sunroof. All affected vehicles were made between June 21 and Dec. 9 of 2011. There are 13,172 Q5 vehicles affected by the recall, all of which are model year 2012.

Volkswagen and, by extension, Audi, are not aware of any accidents or injuries that have occurred as the result of the defect. The problem with the sunroof, which not all models are equipped with, is that it might shatter, showering the cabin with glass and possibly distracting the driver or, worse, possibly injuring passengers with a shower of glass shards.

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Only in cold weather

The problem appears to be confined to Q5 crossovers that are owned by people who live in areas that experience very cold weather or perhaps drivers who take their Q5 to areas where cold temperatures occur.

Audi didn’t receive any insurance claims of the defect but rather learned of the defect through its dealer network in the United States, according to AutoGuide. Presumably, a number of customers brought their Q5 in for warranty repairs after the sunroof shattered, which was passed on to Audi. It was observed that fewer complaints were recorded in areas with warmer temperatures or during warmer parts of the year.

Audi tried to recreate the defect under laboratory conditions, which was achieved when a sunroof-equipped Q5 was subjected to a temperature of – 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rare type of recall

Sunroof recalls are fairly rare, as treating glass to withstand inclement weather, extreme pressures and temperatures is not exactly a new field. One of the most recent sunroof recalls was from Subaru in Sept. 2011, when 69,590 Legacy sedans and Outback crossovers were recalled for sunroofs that were blowing away while driving due to an inadequate amount of adhesive applied at the factory, according to Consumer Reports.

Audi, according to Inside Line, is going to begin the recall by August 7. Owners will be notified and directed to take their Q5 to the nearest Audi dealership, where the sunroof will be inspected and replaced, if necessary, free of charge.


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