Full size Aston Martin DBR1 model going up for auction

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There is a life-size Aston Martin DBR1 model going on sale soon for about $40,000. Photo Credit: Simon Davison/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY

The Evanta Motor Company, an English company, makes a full-size Aston Martin DBR1 “model,” just like a child’s glue-together model, except it’s the size of an actual car. One example is heading to auction at Goodwood, but they are for sale to regular customers.

1-to-1 size Aston Martin DBR1 model

The Aston Martin DBR1 was, in it’s day, a famous race car, driven to victory in the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans by Roy Salvadori and his slightly less-famous teammate Carroll Shelby, according to AutoBlog. The DBR1 was a bespoke race car; if one were to go to auction, a person would have to get a hefty auto bank loan to buy it.

Most people who might want a look at one, would either have to get on the internet, go to a museum, or maybe find a small model and then glue it together, paint it, put on a desk and pray some klutz doesn’t knock it over. But what if you could get a model that’s full size? It turns out that the Evanta Motor Company, which makes high-end replicas of classic Aston Martins, makes a full-size model.

Not kidding about the model bit

It isn’t just a frame on a rolling chassis; it even comes in a large frame, just like model parts. The Aston Martin DBR1 “model” comes with pieces of the body, seats, the dashboard, steering wheel and the front grille. The tires, according to Gizmag, are real Dunlop tires and included in the model is a Le Mans winner’s trophy. An example is being auctioned at the Goodwood Revival Festival, according to the Daily Mail, and its expecting to go for 25,000 pounds, or about $39,150 according to Gizmag.

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Aston Martin only made five of the cars. If one of the real ones were to come up for auction, according to Evanta, one could expect to spend about 7 million pounds (about $10.9 million) to add it to their collection.

However, the model doesn’t include a power train, so it’s essentially a large piece of art. Granted, it needs one heck of a room to sit in, as it measures about 21 feet wide and stands just under 11 feet in height.

Company makes a real replica

However, if one wanted to actually get one to drive, Evanta makes a DBR1 replica, which costs about $65,767 before taxes. Customers can choose an engine of their choice, but Evanta, which has made about 17 of them, has reported that the Aston Martin straight-six cylinder is popular. The company also makes a DB4 Zagato replica and a DB4 Barchetta replica as well.

There are a smattering of other Aston Martin replicas available. Most appear to be the typical replica kit, where a fiberglass body is made to fit over a donor car frame. One such example, according to GTSpirit, is from a company called Car Kit Maker, which sells an Aston Martin DBS kit that sits on a Jaguar XK8 frame. It goes for $28,700, according to the company’s website, which includes the cost of the donor car, so one doesn’t need to necessarily go to a used auto motors location to get one.




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