Acura recalls all 2007-2008 LT sedans

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2007 Acura TL

The 2007 Acura TL is being recalled worldwide. Image: 123 Chroma Pixels/Flickr/CC BY-SA

Acura, the luxury division of the Japan-based Honda Motor Co. Ltd, has voluntarily issued a safety recall for all of its 2007 and 2008 TL mid-size sedans. The recall comes as a result of a potential issue that could cause the power steering hoses to leak fluid.

Hoses could deteriorate early

Acura says that the power steering hoses in the sedans could deteriorate prematurely, leading to potential leaks of power steering fluid. A loss of power fluid could lead to the vehicle becoming extremely difficult to steer. In addition, if some of the fluid leaks onto the catalytic converter, or onto other hot parts inside the engine compartment, it could lead to smoke and, in the worst-case scenario, a possible engine fire.

Nearly 53,000 LTs in U.S.

According to the automaker, 52,615 TL sedans are being recalled inside the United States alone. At this time, however, there have been no crashes, fires, injuries or deaths as a result of the deteriorating power steering hoses.

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TL timeline

The Acura TL mid-sized sedan first appeared in 1995 to replace the automaker’s Acura Vigor. From 1996 to 2000, it was sold in Japan as the Honda Aspire. From 1996 to 2004, it was known as the Honda Saber in other markets. The fourth, and most recent, generation of the TL premiered in 2009. That version is marketed in Japan as the Honda Accord, but it is not the same Accord that is marketed in the U.S. That version is not available in Japan.

The version affected in the current recall is a third-generation Acura TL.

Owners to be notified in June

Notifications will be mailed to the affected owners in mid-June, according to Acura. At that time, affected owners are urged to take their vehicles to a local dealership for a no-cost replacement of the hoses.

A host of complaints

The notice for this recall has not yet appeared on the website for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. However, according to Car Connection, that may not have been far off. The “complaint” section of the NHTSA website contains several posts about power steering fluid issues in 2007 and 2008 Acura TL sedans.

Contact the automaker

Concerned owners can contact the automaker’s recall webpage ( determine whether their vehicles are affected, or for more information. Additionally, Acura can be reached at (800) 382-2238. Select option four.


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