AAA offering free tow home on Memorial Day in select areas

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Car being towed

Memorial Day revelers who indulge too much rejoice, as AAA is offering a free tow home in select areas. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Memorial Day is just around the corner and millions of people will hit the road for a getaway of some sort. Some of them, however, are going to indulge in an adult beverage or two or possibly 12, and select motorists can get a free lift home from AAA if they overdo it.

On the road again

AAA, formerly the American Automotive Association, estimates that 35 million people are going to travel at least 50 miles on Memorial Day Weekend, according to the Washington Post. It’s a bump of about 500,000 people from last year, based on national surveys of Memorial Day weekend plans.

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Those planning to do so by car are estimated by AAA to be traveling at least 642 total miles on average. That marks a 150-mile decrease since last year, when AAA estimated the typical Memorial Day road trip would be 792 miles on average. Many respondents to AAA’s survey indicated they would be taking the kids. AAA, according to the Boston Globe, anticipates the highest amount of travel this Memorial Day in the past four years.

For those hitting the sauce

For those without children, Memorial Day is also, as most holidays are, a reason to party. For many, this includes consumption of moderate to copious amounts of alcohol. There will be increased DUI patrols in many areas, so attempting to drive intoxicated is not recommended.

However, those that do over-indulge, according to Time magazine, can rest easy in certain areas, as AAA is offering a free ride home to the tipsy in participating regions. The offer varies as some clubs are offering a ride, others a free tow, some both. However, it isn’t a cab service as the services will only take the inebriated person and/or their car to their residence. It’s called “Tow-To-Go” or “Tipsy Tow,” depending on the area. The program in Florida is being sponsored by Budweiser.

Non-AAA members can participate as well. The terms vary by area, as some limit the distance that can be traveled. However, a free ride can be gotten from AAA in the entire states of Arizona, Nevada and Utah and from the Auto Club Group in Florida and Georgia. Free rides from AAA and the Auto Club Group are available in select areas of Oklahoma, New Jersey, Tennessee, South Dakota, Northern California and Northwest Ohio.

Other participating locations

Various other areas are offering a free cab ride or other free transport home for tipsy revelers on Memorial Day.

For instance, according to ABC News10 in Albany, NY, free cab rides are being offered by the Martin, Harding and Mazzotti law firm. Martin, Harding and Mazzotti also extend the service in Springfield, Mass., according to WWLP, a Springfield NBC affiliate. The American Cab Company in Coachella, Calif., is also offering free cab rides on Memorial Day, according to KMIR6, a Palm Springs, Calif., ABC affiliate.


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