A and B Class Mercedes finally coming to United States

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Mercedes A and B Class cars are finally going to arrive in the United States, starting in 2013. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Mercedes has always been known for making the best in European muscle cars, but they do make smaller models. Though not previously offered here, the Mercedes A and B class cars are reportedly coming soon.

A new baby Mercedes

Residents in other countries have been able to buy compact Mercedes Benz cars for years, but the A and B class cars have never been available in the U.S. However, the bosses at Mercedes Benz have decided to make some changes. It was recently announced, according to Automobile Magazine, at the Frankfurt Motor Show that Mercedes’ front-wheel-drive compacts were headed for the U.S.

Arriving in 2013

In Frankfurt, CEO of Mercedes’ parent Daimler, Dieter Zetsche, told industry press that the first model will go on sale in 2013, but he didn’t confirm whether it would be the B or A Class. The available engine offerings haven’t been made official yet, but both models will come equipped with turbo-charged four-cylinder engines ranging from 1.6 to 2 liters. There are diesel versions, but those aren’t likely to come stateside.
The 2-liter models will likely feature all-wheel-drive. The rest will be front-wheel drive, unlike all other Mercedes models, which are either rear or all-wheel.

MotorTrend believes the A Class, the subcompact, will be first, followed by the B Class. The A and B Classes, according to Mercedes’ U.K. site, are both compact hatchbacks, and the A Class is the smaller of the two. Mercedes, according to MotorTrend, is also planning a B Class compact crossover and a “four door coupe” also based on the B Class.

According to AutoBlog, there an AMG-tuned version of the B Class has been spied in testing. AMG, Mercedes’ in-house tuning division, is rumored to tune the 2.0-liter inline four cylinder to between 320 and 350 horsepower, complete with bigger brakes, tires, all-wheel-drive and a dual-clutch transmission. However, it isn’t known whether the AMG B Class will be making it to the U.S., though it is said it will be offered in Canada once it goes on sale.

Look out, 1 series

Prices aren’t available yet, but the B Class is going to be priced at 26,000 euros (or about $35,000) for sale in Europe, according to Automobile Magazine. The A Class, on Mercedes U.K., is priced about 5,000 pounds less than the 21,290 pounds the B Class commands.
Assuming the price difference will be about the same, the entry-level A Class will probably be about $30,000, putting it firmly in contention with the BMW 1 series, the Audi A3 and the performance models of the Volkswagen GTI and the Golf R and other hot compacts.





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