Shelby offering 50th Anniversary 427 Cobra

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427 Cobra

For the car’s 50th Anniversary, Shelby American will crank out 50 427 Cobra roadsters. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Shelby American is apparently pretty busy these days, as the company is unleashing a 50th Anniversary edition of the 427 Cobra to go with their Super Snake Mustangs. The number to be produced will be very limited, as just 50 will be built and they will be taking orders very soon.

It was 50 years ago today, the 427 Cobra came out to play

The Shelby 427 Cobra has basically the same story as the original Shelby Cobra. Carroll Shelby took the AC Ace roadster and jammed a bigger engine under the hood to make a race car.

Shelby, according to TopSpeed, was dissatisfied with the 289 Cobra merely being the best race car in its racing class in 1964. He wanted to take top honors in the FIA GT car class and punch Enzo Ferrari in his bourgeoisie face in the process. So, in 1965, he stuffed a massive Ford side-oiled 427 (a 7.0L V-8) under the hood, widened the fenders and tires, upgraded the suspension and sent it racing in 1966, winning a lot in the process and becoming an automotive icon.

50 years from the car’s inception, Shelby American has decided to commemorate the auspicious occasion by making 50 427 Cobras.

A real glass act

The 427 Cobra anniversary edition is a continuation of a theme, as Shelby American put out a 50th Anniversary 289 Cobra in 2014 for the same reason.

Just like AC’s English counterpart TVR, the 427 Cobra has a fiberglass body – at least the base model – sitting atop a metal frame. Many of the “continuation” Cobras made by Shelby from the 1960s onward have been fiberglass-bodied, as are their kit car counterparts. The 50th Anniversary 427 Cobra is no exception, though there is an option to upgrade to an aluminum body if one desires.

Glass bodies come in Guardsman Blue with Wimbledon White racing stripes, according to Automobile and the aluminum version comes polished. Aside from a powder-coated frame, the car comes with a race-spec 23-gallon fuel tank, racing suspension and brakes, along with bespoke interior appointments and badging for the 50th Anniversary edition.

However, according to Car and Driver, the car will come as a kit car, meaning customers will have to install their own drivetrain, which 2014’s 289 Cobra did as well. Shelby is developing an engine package to offer prospective buyers, however – though one can probably imagine what it will be.

A special kind

The 427 Cobra is an automotive legend, truly a supercar in every sense of the word. As a result, there is a premium attached. Base price for the fiberglass body is $119,000, and the aluminum body goes for $60,000 more. However, given the small number of actual Shelby Cobras, compared to kit versions, they will hold some of that value.

The car will be shown off at the Jackson-Barrett Scottsdale Auction on January 12, 2015. The first orders will be taken the next day.

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