Ford can not escape 3rd summertime Escape recall

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Ford Escape

The Ford Escape SUV is facing its third recall this summer. Image: BY

Ford has not been able to escape safety issues with its redesigned Escape SUV. Yet another Escape recall campaign has been launched on the model. That makes three this summer. The latest, announced Wednesday, targets a coolant leak that could lead to a fire.

Current Ford Escape recall

This most recent recall affects 7,600 Escape SUVs from the model year 2013. Those vehicles with the 1.6-liter four-cylinder engines are being singled out in the effort.

According to a Ford spokeswoman, Marcey Zwiebel, some plugs in the engines may have been installed improperly, and that could lead to coolant leaks. Those leaks could, in turn, cause the engine to overheat. In some cases, that could lead to an engine fire.

Gun-shy Ford takes no chances

Ford, having had multiple problems with the Escape recently, is apparently taking no chances. The problem was noticed by one dealership, and there have been no consumer complaints about the issue.

Zweibel urged owners of the vehicles to make appointments at their dealerships now, so that their vehicle can be inspected and, if need be, repaired. Zweibel said that, as a courtesy, dealership mechanics will make the fix free of charge, using parts that are currently in stock.

Ford may have reason to be gun-shy, however. This is its third recall of the SUV this summer.

Carpet padding recall

In mid-July, Ford recalled nearly 485,000 2013 Escape SUVs to fix a carpet padding that could interfere with braking and contribute to a crash. For that fix, Ford removed the carpet padding and replaced a console trim panel, free of charge.

The defect prompting that recall was discovered through an “internal investigation,” According to Zweibel. No consumer reports or incidents were recorded.

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Unusual fuel line recall

A week later, about 11,500 more 2013 Escapes were recalled for a problem with the fuel line that could cause it to split and leak highly volatile fuel. In that recall, Ford made the unusual move of asking owners not to drive their vehicles until a repair could be affected, offering them loaner cars in the interim.

In that recall, Ford was aware of two fires that occurred in vehicles that had not yet shipped to dealers. A possible third case was reported by a Canadian consumer. No injuries were reported as a result of the problem.


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