Trio of 2013 Chevy models revealed, plus navigation app

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Artist's rendition of the Chevrolet logo

Chevrolet Traverse sales lead U.S. crossovers. (Photo Credit: Public Domain/Angelina B./Wikipedia)

Wednesday was a day of revelation for Chevrolet, reports the Detroit Free Press. The 2013 Chevrolet Traverse, 2013 Chevrolet Spark and 2013 Sonic RS made debuts before the automotive press, and a new navigation app called GoGoLink – which will first appear on the 2013 Chevy Spark and Sonic RS later this year – was also placed in the spotlight.

Fully functional navigation is the best kind

General Motors customers with a newer vehicle that sports the MyLink infotainment system will have the option of paying $50 in order to download the GoGoLink application to a smartphone, which is used to interface with the MyLink system. GoGoLink is billed as a “fully functional navigation system” that provides the user with turn-by-turn directions, all of which are broadcast through the MyLink touchscreen and audio.

GM global infotainment program manager Sara LeBlanc told the Free Press that the use of a navigation app like GoGoLink eliminates the need for expensive embedded navigation hardware that she claimed could cost “between $1,000 and $2,000.” Plus, GoGoLink, which was developed by Engis Technologies of London, will reportedly offer free updates as road data is updated.

“Instead of having CDs that you have to update with map data, it’s all on your phone,” LeBlanc said. “If you have an embedded navigation, you have to pay money to get those maps updated.”

Cavalcade of new Chevrolet

Reports indicate that the 2013 Chevrolet Spark mini car will be on sale as early as this summer, while the 2013 Chevrolet Sonic RS will hit dealers by the fourth quarter.

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The 2013 Chevy Traverse, which will go into production by year’s end at GM’s Lansing Delta Township plant in Michigan, will show multiple stylistic changes. A reshaped front end with new grille pattern, headlights, sculpted hood and more fluid interior are among the main changes from the previous year’s model.

A beacon among crossovers

One of the most well-known crossovers on the U.S. automotive market – alongside the GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave – the Chevy Traverse is the best-seller in its class. It can carry eight passengers or fold seats down to create additional cargo room. It’s considered a fine vehicle for parents on the go, but GM vice president of U.S. marketing Chris Perry believes GM could do more with it.

“We’ve done OK with the current vehicle, but we could do better, and I think this will help us do that,” Perry said. “The exterior design of the Traverse really, I think, makes it more modern and brings it more in line with the overall Chevrolet design.”

Chevy Traverse – the ‘Dad Mobile’


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