2013 Cadillac SRX set for New York Auto Show debut

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A 2012 Cadillac SRV crossover on display at an auto show.

The Cadillac SRX is the top selling luxury crossover in its class. (Photo Credit: Public Domain/U.S. NHTSA/Wikipedia)

Wards Auto reports that General Motors has some exciting changes in store for the 2013 Cadillac SRV midsize luxury crossover SUV, which will be available at Cadillac dealers this fall. The new take on the beloved SUV will make its way to the New York Auto Show this week, and the infotainment spectacular that is the Cadillac User Experience (CUE) will be a standard feature.

CUE the Cadillac excitement

The Cadillac User Experience infotainment system combines entertainment and information from as many as 10 separate Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, reports Wards. Various combinations of USB devices, SD cards and MP3 players can be connected to the system as well. Customization, the ability to give hands-free voice commands and a de-cluttered desktop free of unnecessary icons and buttons make CUE more user-friendly than ever.

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Perhaps the most eye-catching element of the Cadillac User Experience is the screen itself, an eight-inch multi-touch LCD with proximity sensing and haptic feedback. Swipes, pinches, spreads and anything else that can be done on a smartphone can be done on CUE. Other interior outlets include a 120V and headphone jacks.

Cadillac technology helps drivers drive

Cadillac’s new SRX is one of the first cars in line to get Driver Awareness and Driver Assist active-safety technology. These optional systems run the gamut from cruise control, blind spot warning and automatic front- and rear-brake assist in the event of a roadway emergency. The safety systems will appear on the 2013 Cadillac SRX in the fall but will make their debut on this spring’s 2013 Cadillac XTS large-sized sedan.

Painting on smiles that last

Bold exterior styling marks the latest rendition of the SRX, and Cadillac looks to dress these up in a new color palate. Colors like “Evolution Green Metallic,” “Glacier Blue Metallic” and “Silver Coast Metallic” make a statement in the garage, in the parking lot and on the roadway. The front grille design is brand new, and vents in the front fender are accented by LED light pipes.

Interior style isn’t overlooked in the 2013 Cadillac SRX. Active noise cancellation keeps the raucous rabble outside. Light titanium interior color complements the wood-color accents.

The best-selling Cadillac

With 56,905 deliveries in 2011, the Cadillac SRX became the brand’s best-selling vehicle, eclipsing the CTS sedan. So far this year, the SRX continues to move, at 9,149 sales through February. When it comes to middle-luxury utility vehicles, the SRX held a 14.2 percent share last year, second behind the Lexus RX at 20.6 percent.

The Cadillac SRX has experienced particular sales success in China since its 2011 introduction. Sales volume has been triple what General Motors predicted it would be.

2013 Cadillac SRX and the Cadillac User Experience (CUE)


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