Thailand floods will not deter debut of 2012 Honda CR-V

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A Honda CR-V

The debut of the new Honda CR-V will not be deterred by flooding in Thailand. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Production facilities of Toyota and Honda were decimated at the brutal hands of Mother Nature in the Thailand floods. Honda, however, is undeterred and will not push the 2012 CR-V’s debut back.

$6 billion in damage

The worst flooding in decades has hit the nation of Thailand, leaving more than 300 dead and 100,000 people homeless, according to CNN. Flooding is also estimated to have done more than $6 billion in economic damage, including compromising production at a number of factories belonging to major global automakers. According to Reuters, Japanese car makers are heavily represented there. Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mistubishi and Mazda, among others, have factories in Thailand.

According to AutoBlog, Honda and Toyota have both shuttered their Thailand factories for the next six months. Automakers with factories in Thailand have been told full production will resume as quickly as possible, but some shortages of parts or cars are bound to occur as they struggle to get back to full capacity.

Honda vows not to delay CR-V launch

Honda is vowing not to delay the debut of one of its newest cars, according to USA Today. The 2012 CR-V is due to start arriving at dealerships in coming weeks, which Honda insists will still happen. However, some electrical components used in other cars made in U.S. plants will be in short supply due to the flooding. Honda has also said that production of some models will be delayed as a result.

According to The Car Connection, Honda is going to show off the production model of the 2012 Honda CR-V at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show. The show starts on Nov. 18 and CR-Vs will start appearing at Honda dealerships in December.

Sleek new look

The new CR-V is a restyled version of the 2011 CR-V, updated with sleeker lines and a new powertrain. Honda says, according to the Honda website, that the new CR-V, a popular crossover SUV, will also get better fuel economy than the previous model. The Environmental Protection Agency hasn’t certified its estimated fuel economy yet.

The base two-wheel-drive model of the 2011 CR-V comes with a 180-horsepower four cylinder. Its EPA estimated mileage is 21 city and 28 highway. The four-wheel-drive models come down slightly, with an estimated highway mileage of 27 miles per gallon.

Honda, according to AutoBlog, will have to delay the launch of the 2012 Civic as a result of the flooding. Various plants in America and Canada will be adjusting production in the meantime to make up for delays.





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