Glitch leads to $1 per gallon gas in Texas

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A few lucky residents of Pasadena, Texas bought $1 per gallon gas thanks to a computer glitch recently. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a gallon of gas was only $1? Some residents of Pasadena, Texas, were recently treated to $1 per gallon gas thanks to a computer glitch.

Gas discounts are bigger in Texas

The last time gas was $1 per gallon, Bill Clinton was president, Brett Favre was quarterback for the Packers and people still used AOL.

[One of the great rites of passage is when one finally gets to buy new auto]

It would sure be amazing if there were some way to get gas down to $1 again. It isn’t likely to happen, except in the case of a massive error on the part of a gas station. Such an error, according to ABC, did happen for the lucky residents of Pasadena, Texas, who were treated recently to 90 minutes of $1 per gallon gasoline, thanks to a glitch in the computer system.

Fortuitous error

Late in the evening of April 9, customers at a Conoco station in Pasadena noticed that two of the gas pumps read $1.01 per gallon and started filling their pumps for dirt cheap. People advertised it on Facebook and told loved ones to get their cars down to the station to fill up for cheap.

Employees, according to the Daily Mail, were perplexed as to why a constant stream of cars were filling up at two of the station’s four pumps. Eventually they noticed the problem and shut the pumps down around 1 a.m. It was a fortunate error for the motorists who were able to fill their tanks at that price. The Energy Information Administration pegged the average national price of gasoline at $3.90 per gallon for the week ending on April 9, giving those happy few a 75 percent discount, according to the Consumerist. pegs the average price in Texas, according to ABC, at $3.83 per gallon.

The station was reported, unsurprisingly, to have run out of gas during the glitch.

What luck

Occasionally, a retailer or some generous party will offer a gas discount to motorists, though a gas discount that isn’t due to an error is less than 75 percent off. It’s also usually promotional. For instance, according to Time magazine, Walmart offered a 10-cent discount on gas from July to the end of December last year,  though the offer only extended to 18 states and was only redeemable if customers paid with a Walmart credit card or prepaid debit or gift card.



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