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Apply for Yacht Loans at Car Deal Expert

Apply for yacht loans at Car Deal Expert! (Photo: flickr.com)

Apply for yacht loans at Car Deal Expert! (Photo: flickr.com)

Whether you’ve owned a luxury watercraft for a long time or are just considering a leap into the market, the reality is that they’re quite expensive and require a great deal of upkeep. For those of us who are prepared for the undertaking, however, they can bring great joy. You will need yacht loans, however.

Because Yachts are Expensive

Yacht pricing varies wildly. A barnacle-ridden fixer-upper might only run a few thousand dollars, but new yachts will vary by size. Expect to spend up to $40,000 per lineal foot for something nicer. Do the math and you’ll see that a 50-foot yacht could cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000,000. Apparently there’s a reason why someone coined the old saying that “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”

Or Perhaps You Can – with Yacht Loans from Car Deal Expert!

Much like with new and used auto loans and refinance vehicle loans, Car Deal Expert provides a porthole for those looking to stretch their sea legs. Apply for yacht loans from the comfort of your home or office and receive a speedy reply from a lending network that will do all it can to get you the most favorable terms available. Upon acceptance, you’ll have the financing ammunition you’ll need when you go into a yacht dealership. The financing puzzle can be a pleasure, rather than a pain (assuming you’ll be in a position to pay off a yacht loan in the foreseeable future).

Before You Apply at Car Deal Expert, Do Your Homework

It pays to know what you’re getting into before you apply for yacht loans. Thankfully, there are respected sources that can help you with your checklist. Here’s a summary of what should go through your mind when you’re considering buying a yacht, courtesy of marine surveyor David Pascoe:

If you’re buying your first boat, or are making a considerable step up in size, the following are some important points that should be carefully considered to help you achieve maximum enjoyment from your purchase.

  • You’re spending a lot of money, so accept nothing less than quality. If that means downsizing so that your lineal feet are as pretty as a picture, then so be it. Having lots of extra feet that are nothing to write home about is a waste of money
  • If you must super size, consider used yachts. Car Deal Expert offers used yacht loans, too
  • Consider all the ownership costs, including “depreciation, interest, insurance, dockage, fuel and repairs,” says Pascoe. Annual maintenance is essential
  • If you’re looking at a yacht under 35 feet long for occasional use, gas is optimal over diesel
  • Tour marinas to see how the brand has held up for others
  • If you would like a second opinion, consult a marine surveyor. Shop around for the best in your area. Don’t sign on the dotted line for the yacht until you’ve gone over the survey report
  • If the yacht is used, consider overhauling or repair costs. At the very least, the purchase price should be lower if such action is needed

Set Sail With Yacht Loans at Car Deal Expert!