We make it easy to get used car loans

Used cars are more reliable than ever, and it makes good sense to buy one. A late-model used car gives you almost-new quality at a much more affordable price. Buying a used car also allows you more room to negotiate a better price. When you buy used, you can afford to buy a better car than you could buy new; you avoid the rapid initial depreciation of a new car; and you save on insurance premiums as well.

Auto lenders offer certified pre-owned programs

Many used cars are still under factory warranty and you can almost always purchase an extended warranty for a used car. Cars sold under “certified pre-owned” programs come with manufacturers’ warranties and have been subjected to rigorous inspection and repair procedures. Certified pre-owned cars may cost a little more than other used cars, but the warranties and peace of mind can be worth the added expense.

Many automobile dealers also offer extensive service contracts.  And if you’re considering a non-certified used car, it’s easy to check the ownership, accident, and repair history yourself by running the VIN through Carfax.com.

Get preapproved for a used car auto loan before you buy

If you’re in the market for a car, think about buying used. But be prepared before you walk into a used-car dealership. The financing offered by dealers isn’t always the best available. You can save a lot of money and hassle and increase your negotiating power by taking just a few minutes to apply for a used car loan at Car Deal Expert before you buy.

Unlike a car dealership, at Car Deal Expert we’re not tied to just one or two finance companies. When you apply for a used car loan at Car Deal Expert, we shop your loan request to find the most favorable financing terms available. The extreme competitiveness of online lenders and the low cost of conducting online loan transactions can mean significant savings for you.

We specialize in used car auto loans

If you’re like most people, when you shop for a car, you focus on finding the right car and not necessarily the right financing. Shopping for a car is far more interesting and exciting than shopping for a loan, but interest rates and monthly payment amounts are every bit as important as fuel efficiency, driver comforts, and the newest safety features.

You’ll find the best possible automobile loan

The surest way to get the best possible automobile loan is to apply right here at Car Deal Expert. As soon as you apply we quickly find the loan that best meets your individual requirements. It costs you nothing to apply, and if you end up with even a slightly lower interest rate, you can save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars over the life of your vehicle loan.

When it comes to money, paying less and getting better quality are good things. And you really can pay less for a better deal when you apply for a used car auto loan at Car Deal Expert.

Stretch your budget with an auto refinance loan

If you’re making payments on a car right now, you might be able to save money by getting an auto refinance loan. Refinancing your automobile at a better interest rate allows you to pay off your current loan and begin making lower monthly payments.

Try our auto loan lenders and see if things have changed

If you accepted dealer financing when you bought your car or didn’t bother to shop for the best loan available, it’s not too late to start saving money by refinancing now. If your credit was less than perfect when you bought your car and you’ve since managed to pay down some debts and improve your score, now may be a good time to refinance.  If you didn’t have established credit when you bought your car, you may not have had much choice when it came to interest rates.  But if you’ve been making the payments on time for a couple of years, you might be able to get a better loan now by refinancing.

Applying for refinance auto loans at Car Deal Expert is as easy as applying for regular automobile loans. Refinancing can lower your car-loan payments.  And the lower your payments, the easier it will be to make ends meet every month.