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Auto Loan Payment Calculator: The First Step toward Buying a Car

If you’re thinking about buying or refinancing a car, you can find out how much your monthly payments are likely to be by using an online auto loan payment calculator. When you’re ready to apply for an auto or refinance loan, you’ll get the best interest rate available by applying right here at Car Deal Expert. Not all car loans are the same, and it pays to compare financing offers before you start shopping for a car. When you apply at Car Deal Expert, we do all the comparison loan-shopping for you. You fill out one quick application, and we search through our network of reputable and experienced lenders and match you with the one that meets your requirements with the lowest interest rate and best terms.

Get started by using an auto loans calculator

An auto loans calculator will give you a preliminary idea about how much you can afford to spend on a car. When you use the calculator, your monthly payment will depend on the amount of money you finance, how much money you put down or the value of your trade-in vehicle, your credit score (the main factor used to determine your interest rate), and the length of your loan term. The loan calculator gives you an estimated monthly payment. To find out for certain what kind of interest rate and monthly payment you can qualify for, apply for a loan pre-approval right here at Car Deal Expert.

Auto loan calculators give you a basis for comparison

It’s a simple matter to plug your numbers into an auto loan calculator. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be better able to compare you financing options and make an informed decision. When you begin shopping for cars, you’ll probably find that the financing offered by a dealership doesn’t carry the lowest interest rate available. Typically, dealers mark up interest rates and then offer extra-long loan terms to make the monthly payments more manageable. Dealerships are interested in the bottom line: The more interest you pay on a loan from the dealer, the more money the dealer makes; the longer it takes to pay off a loan from the dealer, the more money the dealer makes. A longer term will give you a lower payment, but remember that over the course of a long loan, you’ll pay much more than you would for a loan with a lower interest rate and a shorter term.

Save money by letting Car Deal Expert find you the best loan

The right automobile financing can save you you hundreds or even thousands of dollar over the course of the loan. Money, as you know, is hard to come by. So why waste any of yours on a car payment that’s bigger than it has to be? One fast and easy application at Car Deal Expert will find you the best financing available. When you apply, there’s no waiting and wondering about whether your request will be approved and there’s no hassle. It costs nothing to apply and there’s no obligation. Whether or not you accept any loan offered is completely up to you, but we think you’ll you agree that Car Deal Expert offers the best loans available.