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How to find low rate auto loans

If you’re in the market to buy a car or to refinance a car, you’ve come to the right place to find low rate auto loans. The best way to find the lowest interest rate available for your particular lending needs is to apply right here at Car Deal Expert. Auto loans vary considerably in many important respects, and interest rates are key variables. It pays to compare loans when it comes to automobile financing, and the fastest and easiest way to do that it to let Car Deal Expert do it for you.

You save time and money and avoid hassles when you apply at Car Deal Expert. We have a network of reputable lenders who compete with each other to offer the lowest rates on auto loans. When you apply, we match you with the lender offering the best possible deal for your individual circumstances. Even a very small reduction in an interest rate can save you significant money on an automobile loan. Why pay more, when it’s so easy to get low rate auto loans at Car Deal Expert?

You’ll find the lowest auto loan rates at Car Deal Expert

At Car Deal Expert we find you the most competitive financing available by working with reputable and experienced lending companies that specialize in all kinds of automobile finance. Whether you need to buy or refinance, whether you have good credit or bad credit or no credit at all, whether you have your eye on a brand new car or a previously owned one, and whether you have a hefty down payment or no cash to spare, we can help.

Online lenders are highly competitive and their overhead costs are relatively low, so they’re able to keep their interest rates lower than other kinds of lenders. It takes only a few minutes to fill out an application at Car Deal Expert, and as soon as you do, we start searching our databanks for the best auto loan available. Within seconds, we’ll put you in contact with a lender. There’s no cost or obligation when you apply at Car Deal Expert, and whether you accept the loan offered by the lender is entirely up to you.

You won’t find low auto loan rates at car dealerships

Car dealerships typically add a markup to the financing they offer, which means they don’t generally offer the lowest interest rates available. We don’t do that, so it’s easy to beat dealer financing offers when you apply at Car Deal Expert. Just as a car dealership makes a greater profit when you pay more for a car, it makes a greater profit when you accept dealer financing, and the higher the interest rate on the financing, the greater the profit.

Dealerships strive to convince car buyers that they’re getting good deals by offering extremely long loan terms – five to eight years and sometimes even longer – which also makes it possible to offer low monthly payments. But with a loan term that long, you’ll ultimately pay much more for your car than you would with a shorter loan from an independent lender. This can even be true when the shorter loan has a higher interest rate.

All lenders have minimum requirements for auto loans

All automobile lenders, even those who “guarantee” you’ll get a loan or who advertise that they don’t reject any application, have minimum lending requirements. Obviously, a borrower must be of legal age and must have a valid social security number, but depending on the lender as well as the borrower’s circumstances, there are also requirements – however minimal – concerning income, employment, residence, references, bank accounts, credit histories, and cosigners. Additionally, some lenders will have minimum requirements for down payments or trade-in values as well as the condition of the vehicle you intend to buy if you’re buying used.

Provided you meet your lender’s other minimum requirements, your credit score and credit history will be the single most important factors in determining the interest rate on your car loan. Many, many people have compromised credit today, so if yours isn’t perfect, you’re in good company. In most cases you can still qualify for a loan with bad credit and even with no established credit, but your interest rate will be higher than the rates available to borrowers with better credit, and you may need a cosigner.

We maximize your chances of getting the best auto loan

No matter what kind of situation you have, if you need a car loan, Car Deal Expert is the place to get started. With our network of lenders, we maximize your chances of qualifying for a loan. Most of our applicants get approved for loans, and we’ll do our best to help you, too.  When you apply at Car Deal Expert, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the lowest auto loan rate possible.