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Get the best student auto loans available

Get a great car loan, then get back to your books

Many college students need cars, but it’s not always easy for students to get car loans. Banks and credit unions frequently are hesitant to lend money to college students. Obviously, college students are just starting out, so they tend not to have much in the way of regular income or credit history.

At Car Deal Expert we help students get approved for car loans regardless of income and credit issues. Our network of automobile lenders includes some who specialize in automobile loans for students. If you’re a college student, when you apply for a car loan at Car Deal Expert, we’ll match you to the lender who offers the best loan with the lowest possible interest rate, designed specifically to meet your needs and abilities as a student.

Save money by getting the best student car loans

If you’re a student looking for a car loan, it’s worth a few minutes of your time to apply at Car Deal Expert. While we can’t guarantee that we can find a loan for every student, we do promise that your chances of getting one at Car Deal Expert are very good. There’s no cost or obligation, and once we find you a lender, whether or not you accept the loan is entirely up to you. We offer you fast, hassle-free, comparison loan shopping. We’ll save you time and headache – not to mention money — by searching for online student auto loans, checking lender requirements against your criteria, comparing interest rates and other loan terms, and finding you the best loan available.

Students with bad credit are welcome

If you’re a college student and you need a car but you have bad credit, don’t think for a minute that you’re alone. Having bad credit does not mean that you can’t possibly qualify for a car loan. Given current economic conditions – including the skyrocketing costs of higher education – many college students are struggling to make ends meet. Many use credit cards to pay for such basic things as tuition and transportation and many are unable to pay more than the minimum required payment each month. As a result, many students have late-payment notations on their credit histories.

Getting the right car loan helps students manage money

As a student, if you make it a point to manage your money carefully, you can actually start to repair a damaged credit rating by making timely and consistent payments on an automobile loan. The best way to make sure you can make those payments is to get the most economical loan available. Make sure you get the best auto loan rate available by applying at Car Deal Expert and letting us make the loan comparisons for you. You’d be surprised how much less you pay for a car over the course of loan when the interest rate is even just slightly lower.

Protect your financial future while you’re still in school

Here are some other things you can do to make it easier to manage a car loan while you’re still in school:

  • Buy an inexpensive car. Be sensible; live within your means. There are lots of great looking and reliable used cars that will save you tons of money compared to new cars. Remember, when you buy a used car, you don’t just save on the purchase price. You pay less for automobile insurance and avoid the rapid depreciation of a new car, as well.
  • Consider buying a used vehicle from a private party. The warranties that come with the certified used cars dealers offer are nice to have, but many used cars being sold by private parties are still under factory warranty. To get a great deal on a used car, get preapproved in a certain loan amount by applying at Car Deal Expert. Then find a car meets your needs and negotiate a price with the seller. Before you sign anything, get the vehicle identification number (VIN) and take a few minutes to search online for the service and repair history of the vehicle.
  • Know what you want. Think about what you want before you run out and start shopping. If you opt for a big cars, pickup or SUV, you’ll spend a big portion of the student budget at the gas pumps. If you choose a sports car, you’ll pay more for insurance premiums and a startling amount for maintenance and repair. You’re a student, not a highly paid business executive, so choose a reliable vehicle that will be manageable in all financial respects. It’s easy to find online information about the most economical and reliable used cars.
  • Get a cosigner if possible. If you’re just starting to establish credit, having a parent or other relative with good credit cosign the loan will greatly increase your chances of being approved. Even if you can qualify for a loan on your own, having a cosigner with better credit than your own will help to get you a lower interest rate.
  • If you have bad credit, think twice. If you have bad credit, think long and hard about why you think you need to own a car while you’re in school. Bad credit may not keep you from qualifying for a student car loan, but getting a car loan will make your credit situation much worse if you can’t make the payments on time. If, like a lot of students, you’re already struggling with credit card debt and are also running up student loan obligations, be very careful about borrowing money.

A word of caution

More and more college students own cars, and it’s much easier today than ever before to qualify for student car loans. Not all is rosy when it comes to college finances, however, and students who are thinking about borrowing money to buy cars today are already facing financial challenges that were unheard of just a few decades ago. If you’re in school now, chances are you’ll be saddled with significant debt by the time you graduate, even without buying a car. So proceed with caution. If you need to buy a car, stay well within your means and let us help you find the best and least expensive financing possible.