Know clean with the top 10 offbeat automotive tips (Pt. 2)

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While having a coordinating color of nail polish may look great when you're cruising around town, clear polish makes more sense when an auto body paint chip has you fighting the rust bug. That's just one of the top 10 offbeat automotive tips on Car Deal Expert.

If your car's paint chips, apply clear nail polish (NOT a matching color) to protect against rust until you can get the area repainted. (Photo: your-mineral-make-up)

If you’re looking for more of the top 10 offbeat automotive tips, you’re in the right place. This continues the top 10; if you missed the first five automotive tips, CLICK HERE. In no time, you’ll be able to use these simple but off-the-beaten-path remedies to get the most out of your vehicle.

More top 10 offbeat automotive tips

6. No rusted undercarriage

Don’t let the underside of your car suffer from the constant exposure to road grime and salt; that’s a basic top 10 offbeat automotive tip. Train a lawn sprinkler on the underside and turn it up full blast. For the most part, it will drip dry, unlike the kind of water exposure a car takes on during a flood.

7. Lacquer when the chips are down

Similar to the way nail polish protects fingernails from breakage and wear, it can also protect the body of your car from rust if the paint chips. Simply clean the area where the paint has chipped and apply clear nail polish to protect against rust.

8. Light up those old bumper stickers

No, don’t literally burn them off. Use lighter fluid and a razor blade to remove bumper stickers and their rubber-based adhesives. Soak and scrape gently. According to Wise Geek, a solvent like lighter fluid breaks down the bonds in an adhesive, turning it into a loose solution that’s much easier to separate. And lighter fluid is cheaper than the industrial-strength solvent your dealer recommends.

9. Take fogged windows to school

If you’re having trouble keeping your car windows from steaming up on the inside, use a blackboard eraser to clean away condensation. It’s cheap and it does the job. After taking out auto loans to fund your vehicle purchase, who wants to spend more to keep the windows clean.

10. Rough up your old wipers

If buying new wiper blades isn’t an option for you at the moment, rub your old ones down with sandpaper, says Ford Truck Enthusiasts. Doing so in a gentle fashion softens up hardened rubber and extends their life temporarily.

Do you have more offbeat automotive tips?

Car Deal Expert would love to hear about them. We welcome your comment, whether it involves cleaning your car, keeping it running or anything in between.

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