Clean up with top 10 handy, offbeat automotive tips (Pt. 1)

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An old Ford parked in Austin, Texas. It is festooned with a colorful variety of stuffed animals. Car Deal Expert's top 10 offbeat automotive tips may help with rust and other cleaning issues on just such a car, but you'll have to figure for yourself how to deal with an army of stuffed animals if such is your trouble.

While these top 10 offbeat automotive tips may not be THIS odd, you probably won't learn them at a dealership. (Photo: Flickr)

While there are a number of obvious ways to care for your car and obtain maximum value from your purchase, paying attention to the following top 10 offbeat automotive tips can be equally lucrative. As seen on The Fun Place, some of these ideas may be familiar (not entirely offbeat), while others may touch on ideas you’ve never considered. From driver to vehicle to the garage itself, use the following tips to make your automotive experience more positive.

Top 10 offbeat automotive tips

1. Keep Handy Wipes around

Because this top 10 offbeat automotive tips list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t remind drivers to clean gasoline smell from your hands before a big business meeting. If you’ve done more than just fill the tank, baking soda and water will strip the auto grease off your hands.

2. Protect your driveway from oil leaks

A cookie sheet with either kitty litter or corrugated cardboard works well.

3. Don’t ding the walls of your garage

Use bright reflector tape or paint to mark the center of your parking space if your parking aim isn’t what it used to be (or never was spot on). Auto loans to pay for the car should be enough; you shouldn’t also need loans to remodel your garage walls.

4. Use a the right spark plug gap

This applies when tuning your vehicle. Per Wikipedia, setting the gap too wide can mean that your car won’t start or the plug will miss when you’re traveling at high speeds. If it’s too narrow, the spark could be too weak and not ignite fuel efficiently. Using the maximum allowable gap recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer will ensure that your vehicle runs and idles better. That translates into better gas mileage.

5. Use baking soda and water on corrosion

Has your engine ever failed to turn over because of a rusted battery connection? You can use a wire brush to clean the battery terminals, but another homespun option is baking soda and water. Similar to the chemical process witnessed in a science fair volcano, baking soda (NaHCO3) is a base that reacts with the battery acid residue (HCl) present on the terminals. When the two get together, you’ll see the bubbling and hear the fizzing indicative of acid corrosion neutralization. On a related note, baking soda and aluminum foil are great for cleaning rust off car bumpers. Thank Vision Learning and the Mad Sci Network for the chemistry lesson.

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