Top 5 signs you should pull over immediately

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Visibility problems need to be addressed by pulling over as soon as it is safe. Image: Flickr / dcwriterdawn / CC-BY

Driving can be dangerous, but it can be tempting to keep going when things go wrong. However, here are five times when you should, without a doubt, pull over immediately.

1 – Sudden loud noises

Your car is not supposed to make any very loud or very sudden noises. If you run over something that makes a very loud noise, it could have done damage to the underside of your vehicle. If you did not run over something, then a loud or sudden noise could indicate that something has come off, shifted or moved in a way it should not have.

2 – Temperature or engine light

The warning lights on your dashboard actually mean something. If your temperature or engine light turns on, you should pull over and try and determine the cause. The oil light, especially, is an indicator that you should pull over as soon as it is safe.

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3 – Smoke, steam or flames

Engines run at very high temperatures in a system intended to handle those temperatures. The only place where exhaust should come out is the tailpipe. If you see smoke or steam coming out of the engine compartment, you should pull over immediately and try to determine the cause.

4 – Visibility problems

Visibility is important because vehicles are dangerous. If your visibility is suddenly reduced because of fog, rain, snow or some other outside force, you should pull over when it is safe and determine the best way to proceed. If you must keep moving in low visibility situations, keep your hazard lights on and drive slowly.

5 – Medical emergencies

Heart attacks, migraine headaches or even a really bad itch that you cannot safely scratch can have negative impacts on your driving. A major medical problem can turn your vehicle into a missile hurtling without control on the road, putting other people in danger. It is always safer to pull over carefully and handle the problem as soon as possible, not when you get to your destination.


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