Five easiest ways to avoid a traffic ticket

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Traffic ticket

Avoiding a traffic ticket can be easy -- if you follow the rules. Image: Flickr/florian

When you are trying to avoid a traffic ticket, then the best and easiest way to just not not get stopped. Avoiding the eye of a traffic officer, however, is not always easy. There are a few things you can do to help ensure that your car is not the one that the police notice.

5 – Follow traffic laws

It may seem to be a no-brainer, but first and foremost, do as little law-breaking as possible. Signal your turns, stop fully at stop signs and follow the speed limit. If you drive defensively and avoid obvious mistakes, police are less likely to notice you.

4 – Choose carefully

While urban legend is that certain colors of cars get ticketed more or less often, very few studies have been done one way or another. There are, however, certain makes and models of vehicles that get ticketed more. If you have a choice, do not choose one of the vehicles on the top 10 most ticketed list.

3 – Stay with the pack

Though striking it out on your own and feeling the wind in your hair sounds great, you are less likely to get a ticket if you are a part of a pack. Keep your speed consistent with the rest of the cars on the road.

2 – Pay attention to big rigs

Though they may go a bit more slowly than a sports car, big rigs on the freeway are your friends. Not only does driving next to or behind them help improve your miles per gallon, the drivers of big rigs often have a better view of what is going on. If you stay near the big rigs, including slowing down when they do, you’ll be more likely to avoid a ticket.

1 – Fix all the little things

It may seem like it will save you money, but leaving your car with broken headlights, large dents, a cracked windshield, or other damage makes it stand out. A brake light that has gone dark may not seem dangerous, but it does give an officer a legitimate reason to pull you over. Don’t risk it; spend the money now to save on insurance costs and stress later.

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