Don’t drive off without this auto glass repair knowledge

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A shattered rear car window is depicted, perhaps after an encounter with a vandal.

When it comes to auto glass repair, consumers should not cut corners. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Mike Schmid/Flickr)

You know it will happen eventually — your windshield will develop cracks. In the worst case scenario, it could even shatter. This is, of course, a serious safety issue, as an airbag won’t protect you from flying glass if the windshield breaks while you’re driving (such as during a collision). Neither is it advisable to drive without a windshield, as your visibility may be hampered and your friendly neighborhood highway patrolman doesn’t appreciate such safety hazards on the road. Thus, knowing a few auto glass repair tips can come in handy.

Auto glass repair – know the standards

The factory isn’t always right, you know, and auto glass repair is something that should not be taken lightly. According to Automotive Troubleshooting Secrets, it is highly inadvisable to compromise your safety in the interest of saving money. For one thing, you want to make sure the safety glass being installed is certified by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). Not only that, but urethane adhesive that’s certified by the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) is also essential. That adhesive will have an expiration date, as will any adhesive used in auto glass repair. If the product has expired, don’t use it. It should also be compliant with your automaker’s factory rating and by airbag-rated if your vehicle has airbags. Priming materials should also meet AGRSS standards and not have reached expiration.

What about if you’re using a certified installer?

If you’re employing an auto glass repair technician certified by the National Glass Association (NGA), here’s a mental checklist you should go through for your personal inspection:

  • Is the windshield perfectly centered?
  • Does the molding fit perfectly and sit flat around the windshield circumference?
  • Is the windshield flush to the frame?
  • Does the windshield wiper motor still work?

Don’t forget that FMVSS certification

There are plenty of auto glass repair shops out there, but some of them may not carry FMVSS certification. When work is completed by FMVSS-certified technicians, they should affix an FMVSS label to the windshield. Think of it as a badge of quality. Accepting anything less is unsafe and unwise.

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