Car Deal Expert wants professional writers and bloggers who are interested in making freelance money part-time by publishing articles! (Photo:

Car Deal Expert wants freelance professional writers and bloggers (Photo:

Car Deal Expert is looking for professional writers who want to make money contributing freelance articles part-time to a Web site that is geared to become an industry leader. Strap in as we help consumers discover the best deals on new and used auto financing!

Whether you’re an experienced professional blogger or a skilled writer who is looking to get their work published online, Car Deal Expert has a freelance article submission program that will likely suit your needs. Unlike incentive programs you may find elsewhere, approved articles that appear on Car Deal Expert will generate guaranteed income. We invite you to contribute regularly and enjoy the benefits!

How much money can you make writing for Car Deal Expert?

Using our “Pro Articles” submission program, you make a guaranteed $25 per article upon acceptance (paid the following Monday or Tuesday via PayPal). There is also the potential for bonus money if other Web sites link to your article. After 30 days, the total number of links from other Web sites to your article is tallied, and you receive $.035 US (3.5 cents) per back link in a one-time payout. The maximum bonus you can receive on a single article is $175, so couple that with the $25 guaranteed payment and the most you can receive for a single article via Car Deal Expert’s “Pro Articles” program is $200.

It has been proven over time that well-crafted articles tend to receive the greatest number of such back links, as people generally find good, informative content to be most valuable over time. Thus, you’re most likely to receive a better bonus for quality work. We market your articles to search engines and average around 10 back links per article, although the better your article is, the more likely people will be to back link.

How do we know how many back links your articles receive?

Check out a tool like Yahoo! Site Explorer for examples. It counts back links to a specific page on a Web site. If you’ve published an article on Car Deal Expert and want to see for yourself how you’re doing before your 30-day bonus payout, enter the URL of your article into Site Explorer and click “Inlinks.” Then select “Except from this domain” from the drop down menu next to the “Inlinks” button. Once you know how many back links your article has received, you can do the math at $.035 per link. You will receive that amount as a bonus 30 days after your article is published.

Article formatting

Take a look at the articles that have already appeared on Car Deal Expert for ideas on formatting and writing style. If your article fits in alongside what appears there in terms of length, formatting and writing style, the chances it will be published (and generate income for you) increase.

Write as little or as often as you like

The minimum requirements to get your “Pro Articles” on Car Deal Expert include:

  • Articles must be at least 500 words long
  • An article’s title must be 65 characters or fewer
  • You must include a brief overview of your article that does not exceed 160 characters
  • Clear headings must appear between paragraphs
  • Articles must be in perfect English with no more than one minor spelling or punctuation error
  • All submitted articles are considered to have been written by a non-employee engaged in no form of contractual agreement with Car Deal Expert. We do not accept Copywrited materials or content previously published online
  • Articles must be related to auto loans, auto refinance loans or anything else automotive related, from finance and insurance to industry-wide news and innovations
  • Topics that could be considered taboo or that promote or decry a political agenda beyond neutral reporting are prohibited
  • You must have a PayPal or Google Checkout account with associated E-mail address in order to receive payment. No exceptions

Filing the proper tax forms

The Internal Revenue Service requires that Car Deal Expert obtain a signed W-8 (International writers) or W-9 (U.S. writers) form for each writer who participates in the “Pro Articles” or “Pay-Per-Post” programs (more on the latter at the end of this article). This must be done before you submit your first article. If you live in the United States and earn more annual income than $600 as a result of articles written for Car Deal Expert, we will send you a 1099 at year’s end. If you do not live in the U.S., you must pay any applicable taxes or fees as required by your country of residence.

Send your signed form via postal mail or fax. Our address is: Car Deal Expert, ADDRESS, Spokane, WA ZIPCODE. Alternatively, fax your signed form to (866) 934-5342. Unfortunately, we cannot accept E-signatures of any kind, so tax documents cannot be submitted via E-mail

Want to know about other freelance opportunities with Car Deal Expert?

Try our Pay-Per-Post System if you’re just getting your feet wet with getting published online. If you know your SEO and want the opportunity to make even more money, our Commission-Based Article Writing Program is for you. Finally, if you’re an affiliate marketer who simply wants to trade articles for back links, check out Car Deal Expert’s Free Content Exchange page.