Automakers know where their bread is buttered. That’s why Ford Motor Co. is making a move to close the distance on General Motors and Volkswagen AG by committing to build a new $760 million assembly plant in Hangzhou, China. China is the world’s largest automotive market. Ford expects to double production By building the Hangzhou Read on! →

Despite being more fuel efficient than their gasoline counterparts, American buyers haven’t traditionally opted for diesel-fueled vehicles. However, a growing number of people are starting to buy them, as clean diesel cars sales are up 35 percent so far this year. Oil burners catching on Diesel cars haven’t really caught on in the United States Read on! →

“Yo-yo financing” means a car dealership agrees to finance a car for a buyer, then calls him or her back to say financing didn’t work out and asks for more money. Consumer advocates want this outlawed. Stringing the customer along Many car dealerships are perfectly honest and engage in fair dealings, but like any business Read on! →

The move toward smaller engines across the automotive industry has hit high gear, reports the Detroit Free Press. Yet these 2.0-liter marvels don’t necessarily sacrifice power. These four-cylinder engines have broken through the economy car barrier and found a place in high-powered sport sedans, roadsters and even crossover SUVs. Tuning up for 2.0 Tom Murphy, Read on! →

All publicity is good publicity, they say. But it is not always solicited. When a Jaguar XKE made a cameo appearance on AMC’s 60s-era misogynist dramedy “Mad Men” Sunday evening, the automaker says it was apparently as surprised as anyone. Although gracious about the free plug, Jaguar implied, in an off-hand way, that the context Read on! →

Not long ago, Ram and General Motors both announced bi-fuel systems for certain pickups models, which would allow them to run on Compressed Natural Gas as well as gasoline. GM has just announced the pricing, and it costs an extra $11,000 for the bi-fuel system. Flexible on fuel A few months ago Ram, formerly the Read on! →

Robert Davis, senior vice president of Mazda U.S. operations, met with Car and Driver recently to discuss the Japanese automaker’s future research and development plans for its trademark rotary engines. He also talked about the phasing-out of V6 engines, among other topics. Synonymous with rotary engines Davis made it clear that the rotary engine is Read on! →

Pickup trucks are meant for hauling. Why anyone would paint a pickup truck bed with something other than a durable truck bed liner is questionable, at best. Here’s how to do the job yourself with a cheap, easy DIY bed liner that you can roll or spray on at home. Don’t use wood or plastic Read on! →

Reuters reports that Honda Motor Co. is preparing to launch a mass-recycling endeavor intended to extract rare earth metals from parts of used automobiles. The operation, which will be the first of its kind, will place global automakers in a better position to obtain the very expensive materials, which are controlled almost exclusively by China. Read on! →